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It is Presidio Sport & Medicine’s mission to help you restore function, inspire movement, and promote peak performance.  Part of this formula is to lead the community in education and injury prevention.  We hope you find our Healthy Articles helpful on your path to health and wellness.

Agility: Enhance Performance & Prevent Injury
The cheetah can run up to 70 mph and unlike man, the cheetah was built to have speed and agility so as to catch its prey.  Agility is defined as being quick and nimble, having the ability to explosively change speed and direction, while maintaining balance and control.  Agility is the cornerstone of ability when it comes to field, court and snow sports.  With the proper training, we can adapt and improve our agility and thereby enhance performance and help prevent injuries.  To learn about the essentials of a successful agility training program, read more >> Agility 

The Benefits of Water
Whether your goal is rehabilitation, fitness, competition or adventure, water has profound benefits.  Its therapeutic elements include buoyancy which helps the body move without gravity, fluid resistance which helps gain strength without overloading the joints, and hydrostatic pressure which reduces swelling through compression.  To learn how to reap its benefits, read more >> The Benefits of Water

Healthy Eating for Training
A well-designed food plan is the foundation for any athlete’s base training program and is just as important as the training plan.  Your diet should meet your energy needs and incorporate proper timing of nutrients in order to optimize performance, enhance recovery and provide sustained energy.  To learn about healthy food choices to support your training, read more >> Healthy Eating for Training

Hydration Nation
Water is life and our hydration is important.  In order to stay as hydrated as possible, the average person should drink about 8 to 10 cups of water per day.  When working out, one will need to consume more water to maintain optimal hydration.  To find out about hydration and how to test your sweat rate, read more >> Hydration Nation

When is it OK to Run Through Pain?
There are different types of pain and it can be difficult to determine the meaning of these.  For some guidelines on when pain is generally okay and not okay to run through, read more >> Running Through Pain

How to Optimize Training by Minimizing Colds and Flus
Regular exercise is known to protect and enhance immunity.  In order to maintain optimal wellness when our exertion levels increase beyond 30 minutes a day, we need to bolster the way we are supporting ourselves.  To learn more about how Chinese Medicine utilizes herbs and supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies to complement and optimize health and stamina, read more >> Minimizing Colds and Flus

Core vs. Six Pack Abs – Who’s Got Your Back?
If you’ve ever looked with envy at the latest fitness magazine, wondering how they get those bulging 6 pack abs, then you should read on. It is important to look beyond the 6 pack when developing an abdominal strengthening program.  To learn more on how to incorporate core exercises into your program to improve your athletic performance, read more >> Core vs Six Pack

Shoulder Pain and Surfing
Shoulder pain is extremely common among active surfers. Because surfing requires repetitive overhead movements, it can lead to overuse injuries at the shoulder.  To discover how to help prevent shoulder injury and improve paddling power and efficiency through some key exercises, read more >> Shoulder Pain and Surfing

Sugar: Friend or Foe
Sugar comes in many shapes and sizes, and some forms of sugar provide us with more benefits than other forms of sugar. It is important to note where our sugars come from because the different forms of sugar affect our bodies in different ways.  To understand which sugars are better for you and how to read food labels, read more >>  Sugar: Friend or Foe

The Thirty Minute Workout
The USDA recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate activity five to seven days a week.  Did you know that 75% of the US population does not meet this recommendation?  Regular physical activity is essential to weight control and good physical and mental health.  Whatever your motivation is to start a fitness program, it is never too late.  For tips on where to start, the four key elements of a fitness routine, and sample 30 minute workouts, read more >> The Thirty Minute Workout

Water Running
Most runners think cross training is a distant second to running outside.  These same runners face a fear of not being able to train due to an injury or fatigue.  Water running form closely follows land running form and is a very effective, safe way for athletes to stay conditioned, recover after high mileage, or cross train.  To learn the principles of water running, proper form, and how to put it together into a great water running workout, read more >> Water Running

The Importance of Cross Training
Cross training refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance.  The benefits of cross training are countless, and some of the key benefits include conditioning different muscle groups, reducing stress placed on the body, jump starting metabolism and avoiding boredom.  To learn more on the benefits of cross training and how to incorporate it into your fitness program, read more >> The Importance of Cross Training

Workplace Ergonomics
People are not meant to be static.  Often, our work requires us to sit in the same position for long periods of time which puts wear and tear on our muscles, joints, and nerves resulting in Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).  RSI can affect all parts of the body, including the neck, low back, and arms.  RSI can be prevented by simply moving more often as well as improving the set-up of your work station.  For some tips to stay healthy and pain-free during your work day, read more >> Workplace Ergonomics

The 48 Hour Countdown
It’s 48 hours before your first marathon and you’re wondering how to make it the best race possible.  There is nothing left to do to make you fitter for the race, but there are many ways to avoid sabotaging your event.  For tips on how to maximize your fitness, what to wear, what to eat, staying hydrated and having fun along the way, read more >> The 48 Hour Countdown

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