Press Room

One of Presidio Sport & Medicine’s core values is to stimulate curiosity, growth and learning. We not only strive to foster this in our company culture, we promote this value through public relations. We hope you enjoy reading some of our published news.

Making Pilates Effective for Rehab
January 2011
Pilates is an exercise form that focuses on developing core stability and flexibility. For evidence that Pilates is an effective form of therapeutic exercise to treat many common dysfunctions, read more >>

Raising the Challenge: Using Suspension Training Exercise
January 2011
To learn more about the positive results we’ve seen with suspension training bodyweight exercise and how you can reap the benefits of improved strength, function and performance, read more >>

Healthy Obsession: Jennifer Jung
June 2008
To learn about Presidio Sport & Medicine’s physical therapist, Jennifer Jung, and her healthy obsession of playing Gaelic football, read more >>

San Francisco Business Times Profile
November 2002
To learn about Presidio Sport & Medicine’s owner, Chris Chorak, including why she started the business and her biggest inspiration, read more >>

Presidio Sport & Medicine Relocates
September 2002
To learn about Presidio Sport & Medicine launching its website and securing a move to San Francisco’s historic Presidio in December 2002, enabling PSM’s patients to benefit from its innovative work like never before, read more >>

Going the Extra Mile
July 2002
To learn more about hyponatremia, a condition that overtook Chorak during an Ironman and put her into a three day coma, and also learn some of the most common mistakes clients make while training, read more >>

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